Abranet Gauze #120

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Exclusive, patented Gauze format with a hook&loop backing. Whilst not the least expensive Gauze available, it is in the opinion of many Shapers its the No.1 Gauze for Surfboard Shaping. Highly durable, will last for an extremely long time and give the most superior sand possible. It has all the benefits of the original Flexi-Gauze. However it lasts longer and removes foam quicker. A highly recommended product, a single sheet in each of the main sizes will cover all Shaping needs; 80#, 120#, 180#, 240#. For those on a budget, 80# and 180# is recommended. The hook&loop backing allows quick removal and attachment of different grits through the Shaping process along with all the benefits offered by our Soft, Medium and Hard Shaping Blocks. How to use: The Abranet Gauze can be use on the hook&loop Fine Finishing Block or as is to sand the rails of the board The abranet has a hook&loop backing which allows for ease of interchangeable grades with the hook&loop fine finishing block. Abranet Gauze - Background: The superior benefits of the Abranet Gauze is due to the use of Silicon Carbide abrasive. Silicon Carbide is the hardest blasting media available. High-quality silicon carbide media is manufactured to a block grain shape that splinters. The resulting silicon carbide abrasives have sharp edges for blasting. Silicon carbide has a very fast cutting speed and can reused many more times than sand. The hardness of silicon carbide allows for much shorter sanding times than traditional gauze. Silicon carbide grit is the ideal media for use on surfboard Foam due to with optimal finishing result, due to the Since silicon carbide grit been harder than aluminum oxide, it can be used efficiently for sanding and shaping of PU, EPS and XPS foam. The ability to be reused multiple times results in a cost-effective silicon carbide grit gauze.