4OZ Shapers SX-GLASS 27"

Ref: 15-08-30

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Shapers Australia is proud to announce a worlds first in next generation S-Glass (Shapers SX-GLASS) for the surfboard industry. Proudly researched and developed through our specialised composites division, Shapers Composites Co Ltd. Shapers Superior SX-GLASS has been specifically developed to give surfboard manufacturers the ability to make lighter, stronger surfboards than ever before. Shapers is totally dedicated to the surfboard manufacturing industry and doing everything we can to advance the industry. Shapers Superior SX-GLASS is applied using the same traditional methods and is compatible with existing PU and Epoxy Resins used in the industry. Depending on the preferences of the Shaper and Glasser, Shapers SX-GLASS may be used to fully glass the surfboard or in a combination with E-Glass.