Innegra Hybrid 10 Strand Tape: 45mm Black/White

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Width: 45mm | 1.77”; Blend: E-Glass and Innegra Strands. The Hybrid Tapes are custom made (purpose built) for surfboard production and have become the industry standard for strengthening the rails and tail area of surfboards, the area’s most affected by high impact and back foot pressure. We have used surfboard E-Glass and infused Innegra Strands to give the Hybird PloyFlex Tapes a unique kenetic flex pateren that is less stiffer then the Hybrid Carbon Tapes. The Innegra strands have a fast recoil rate, that when the board is pushed through a turn it flexs against the boards nature rocker. The Innegra strands and E-Glass react and spring the board back to its nature rocker curve and in doing creating speed and adding strength at the same time. The Innegra is stronger then PloyFlex Strands and carbon, but offers more flex then carbon. The tape is designed to class clear and leave six 2.2mm thick black lines and four 2.2mm thick white lines once wet out. Innegra S high performance fiber is the lightest fibre and toughest available fibre on the market, delivering superior toughness in a composite while at the same time reducing weight.