Uni Carbon Fibre Tape: 65mm Yellow

Ref: 15-31-YL

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Width: 65mm | 2.55”. The Uni Directional Carbon Tapes Sereis custom made (purpose built) for surfboard production and have become the industry standard for strengthening the rails and tail area of surfboards, the area’s most affected by high impact and back foot pressure. The Carbon Hybrid Tapes uses a blend of woven non-crimp 3K Carbon flat-tow twine. This construction ensures a highest strength to flex ratio and doesn’t effect on the natural flex of the board. Moreover, the use of Uni-Directional weave pattern provides a high impact strength and allows for a kinetic flex pattern that will spring the tail back to its natural curve which creates extra drive and speed. The unidirectional tapes consist of a plain weave construction with at least 80% of the fabric weight in the 0° or Warp direction. This is used to add directional stability to structures in one specific direction. The Uni Carbon Tapes have unique layup up where where the carbon is broken into three sections and is separated by E-Glass. When laminated this create three distinct row of carbon with clear lines in-between, which will show the colour of the foam when wet out.