Basalt Unidirectional Tape: 35mm Brown

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Width: 35mm | 1.37”. Basalt Surfboard Unidirectional Tape uses over 90% Basalt fibres that are woven in a vertical format, this allows the full benefits of Basalt to be unitized in areas required. The Unidirectional format also always for the tape to be benefit without crimping. Basalt fibres are made from crushed Basalt rocks, which is one of the most commonly found volcanic rock in low to mid lining coast areas. Basalt in considered as an environmentally friendly product, as there no other materials required manufacture and does not need to be treated like other fibres. The manufacturing process is simple, Basalt is sourced, then washed, crushed, melted and then extruded into fibres. Properties: Flex Properties similar to S-Glass with higher Impact Strength; High Impact Resistance; High Tensile Strength; Increases Tail Strength; Naturally UV Resistant; Enhanced wet out ability with resin; Doesn’t em-brittle under high speed impact; Amazing strength-to-weight ratio. Basalt is a great alternative for manufactures that want more tail flex without compromising the natural flex of the foam, also with out loosing integrity of impact and tensile strength.