Powder Tint Blue

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Shapers Colour X Additive - 00 Grams. Shapers "Colour X Additive" is a unique coloured powder designed to add colour to laminating coats (or washed filler coat). Colour X Additive is a UV stable; Highly concentrated colour strength; Epoxy and Polyester compatible; Colours can be used with spray guns; 100grams will laminate 5-10 boards, depending on the amount of powder added to each board; Always add pigments to resin before catalyst. Please note: Colours will vary once added to resin and may differ to what is displayed as screen resolutions can distort colour. General Application: Mix desired amount of coloured Additive powder with styrene or small amount of resin (to acheive desired colour); Mix into a paste and add to resin stiring thoroughly; Add hardener and stir thoroughly and laminate.