Translucent 30mls Pale Green

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Translucent Pigments create a tinted colour effect (transparent) to resins, when using a low loading of translucent pigment to resin ratio will result in a more lighter transparent effect. Shapers Colour Co division uses a binder (carrier) that allows our Pigments to be used in Polyester and Epoxy resin systems. The pigments are engineered with top quality base colours that are heavily saturated to deliver an excellent colour quality that is strong and bright with high uv resistance. General Application: - Pigments are added to the laminating process. - Add pigment to resin prior adding catalyst. Pigments should be added in increments to achieve desired opaqueness and colour depth. - Mix thoroughly and add catalyst (hardener) and laminate. Please note: Computer screen resolutions can display a slightly different hues (colour) too true colour pigment. Pigment colours will vary once added to resin, the quantity of pigment additive ratio to resin will result in a lighter or darker cured colour. Warning: A pigment additive ratio above 3% to resin may effect curing/hardness properties. Please experiment with mixing ratios before laminating, as catalyst ratios may need to be altered. Compatibly: Designed to be used with polyester and epoxy resin systems.