Kinetix 102 Epoxy Surfacing Agent

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SHAPERS - KINETIX® 102 Surfacing Agent for Epoxy Resin Surfboard Filler Coats.

The SHAPERS X Kinetix 102 is a surfacing agent that converts Kinetix Epoxy Systems into a Filler (Hot Coat) Resin. 
The 102 has been engineered to form an air-tight layer on the resins surface when added to Kinetix Epoxy Resin Systems.
This allows for professional Filler (Hot Coats) while eliminating problematic issues that can arise from final coats of epoxy.
Adding 102 Surfacing Agent will allow for flatter, smoother filler coats that are easier to sand.

102 Surfacing Agent Features & Benefits:
Bloom-Free Epoxy Finishes
Reduce Separation in Filler Coats
Assists in Eliminate Fisheyes and Pits
Helps to Achieve Rapid Room Temperature Cure
Faltter, Smoother Surfboard Epoxy Filler Coats that are Easier to Sand and Achieve a Premium Finish!
The Kinetix 102 surfacing agent is proudly Xylene and Wax free.
Mixing Ratio: 2% of additive by weight added to a mixed resin and hardener batch.