Flex PadSB11 Original Balsa Shapping Block

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"This kit is special, developed by Flexpad Shaping Block in 2008 patterned after a great shapper own tools. As with most shapers back in the late 1960`s, your shaping tools had to be custom made. This shaping block is a great solution for those of you shaping your boards with a old hunk of carpet glued on to the back of a piece of wood. Soft Yellow Pad included with the kit. The balsa wood design makes it lighter and easier to sand without overworking your hand, wrist, elbow and/or shoulder. The block pad is velcro backed and replaceable. Easily switch between foam densities as well as sandpaper. Size is 1 1/8"" x 4 1/2"" x 11"" (3cm x 11,4cm x 28cm) "